Thursday, July 07, 2005

Post Number Thirty-Two: Dickheads

Of the Role of Chemistry on the Mind of Stupid Men.

The fact that a number of bombs today killed dozens of innocent, possibly Muslim-supporting, Brits might seem to have little to do with testosterone, but in fact, as in many other human disasters, chemistry played a major role in this.

Bombing innocents, blowing their bodies off, blasting means of transports in a capital, is profoundly illogical. That is, illogical for those endowed with a brain. This means that the majority of people out there is cut off already. Especially men. Men don't have brains, they have penises, unless they are very, very lucky.
What does killing accomplish? There are 10 million people living in London. They are probably scared today, many of them are pondering revenge against the Muslims. Because they are certainly taking for granted it's been the Muslims (unless someone wondered if it was Chirac protesting for the Olympics). Somewhere, some (male) person is watching the news and feels gratified for the scenes of horror and fear that are being broadcast. Then, maybe the next day, the Brits will bomb another village in Iraq. Bomb here, bomb there, kill this, kill that. Nobody sees that the problem is rooted elsewhere.
Let's be frank: men are bastards. Some of them are filthy rich bastards and most are filthy poor bastards. The filthy rich bastards (usually in charge of multinational companies based in the USA) like to exploit and wreck the filthy poor bastards. The filthy poor bastards would just like to switch roles with the filthy rich bastards. And so on, forever, in an endless cycle of exchanged stupidity and irrationality.
There is one word to describe the filthy rich and the filthy poor bastards alike: dickheads.

It's not just profanity. It's what they are: people whose dick replaces their head.

In my ideal world (and I live off ideals) the United Nations is a supernational government in charge of every nation in the world. People are free to do what they wish with their life (including having sex on the street, drink alcohol at the age of 4, marry their gay lover, adopt 200 lesbian daughters, smoke joints, and revere freedom). Wealth is distributed reasonably equally (that is, pretty much everyone has what he needs to survive decently and nobody really has too much). Religions are abolished and humans are fully rational and peaceful.
It's my ideal perfect world. Of course, it's impossibly done, but it's not THAT FAR from the Netherlands. The Dutch are the best people in the world and they don't even know it. Their prince is gay and they didn't even notice it.
I love the Dutch. Really. I wish I had a Dutch girlfriend.

Why isn't the world really like the Netherlands? Mostly because of men and their testosterone.

Men and women tend to be different in at least one important characteristic.
Have you ever tried putting a large number of women together? It doesn't take long before they start scratching at each other and bite. Each woman, deep within herself, wants to be the only one. Somehow, women seem to be self-centered, obsessed with other women, disappointed to share the world with others. A woman is the center of her own world, and another woman is a potential enemy. Nobody can hate women more than women themselves.
The way women hate each other is subtle. They steal each other's boyfriends, they make nasty jokes to humiliate their peers, they are able to hold a grudge for an entire lifetime.
Men are not like that.
Put a large number of men together and they will look for a leader. Men are basically pack animals. They move in packs, act in packs, and follow their leaders. Being the leader is everything. Men want to be the one that leads all the others. Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Ceasar, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, they led. The others followed. Men revere blunt, selfish behaviors. Men fight each other and test their muscles. They respect the strongest man in the pack. They accept whatever the leader says and are ready to kill in the name of the leader. They are able to kill people they don't hate only because the leader told them to do so. Men are pack animals.
But how do they choose who the leader is? Led by their testosterone, they search for the most masculine traits. The biggest, toughest, most brutish ape is the leader. And who is the most brutish ape? the only ape that can challenge and beat the old leader. Men are apes. They are pack apes. Gorillas and chimps have the same obsession for leadership.
Men like to show off their power because it proves they are the leader.
There is one thing women will never really understand: a man doesn't want the most beautiful, sexiest girl for themselves because she's special. They want her to show other men they are better than them. A man will feel inferior if his girlfriend is uglier than another man's.
A man doesn't want to be rich. A man wants to be RICHER than his peers.
A man wants to be TOUGHER than the others
A man wants to be more ruthless, more daring, more dangerous, more blunt, more offensive, more evil, more selfish, more brutish than other men so they will revere him and adore him, and they will follow him, and he will be they leader and they will be the pathetic zombies to dispose with.
Echoes of this manly attitude are everywhere in man's history, and male philosophy (think of Nietzsche's superman). Nazi hyerarchs were doing nothing but responding to their most natural masculine instincts when they persecuted the Jews, the untermenschen, the "under-men". Men are naturally Nazi. There is nothing more natural for a man than being a filthy Nazi bastard, obeying the filthy Nazi Adolf Hitler and persecute the Jews. Nazi is male. For a man, Nazi is good. Nazi is heaven. Nazi is the ultimate paradise, the reason to live, the essence of life.
That is, for a man led only by his lowest instincts. Men led by testosterone.
Men do not know that their pursuit for power, wealth, women and the likes are actually induced by the amount of testosterone in their blood.
Still, if you ever go to male's public lavatory, you will see how men peek at each other's penises while they pee. It's because they can't help it. The ultimate manliness is the size of their penis. Girls don't give a damn about the size of penises. A girl can be contented with any size. It's men. They are obsessed with it. Because in the end, the apish side of man knows that the larger the penis, the manlier the man. Men are obsessed with the fear of finding someone with a larger penis because in the end, whatever they do, he will be the leader. Some monkeys choose their alpha male just by watching each other's penises. Men do the same.
That's why men are so intolerant of being insulted for their penis' size. It's where their manliness resides, their leadership, their power, their feeling of superiority.
Women can't understand that (luckily) because they don't have a penis.
In the end, all the evils of the world, all the injustices, the inequalities, the lack of democracy, the persecution of women, originate from the obsession men have for the size of other men's penises.
Once a man rationalizes that being a leader is basically testosterone-induced bullshit, he becomes free.
When someone honks at me on the highway and zips away surpassing me at 200 kmh while I obstinately stick to the speed limit, I know he's just trying to tell me his penis is larger than mine. That's really the whole point. He's showing me he's the leader. And if I were like other men and I let my testosterone led my mind, I would accelerate and zap past that man to show him that, damn it, MY penis is at least seven inches longer than his. Luckily, knowing that it's all testosterone, I don't give a damn. In fact, I don't care about other men's penises, because I am not looking for a leader. I am not a pack animal.
The American Republicans are so obsessed with their penises that they are beyond the very concept of gay. Have you noticed how right-wing men revere muscled soldiers? Ever seen pictures of Fascist Youth or Nazi Supermen? Large, muscular, blunt: precisely what men like. Men like men, they are gay. Republicans in particular, they are tremendously gay. They love muscular men and keep their wives home cooking food and making babies.
It is known that gays have a larger amount of testosterone in their blood than the average man. Surprised? I am not. Soldier loving Reps are gays, just they don't know it. They love their leader. If they were free of their social restraints, in the woods, they would pay respect to their leader by letting him introduce his vast, immense penis into their tight asses.
Isn't that the meaning of showing their middle finger after all?
I wish girls understood this simple thing. Of course, the standard girl is attracted by the leader guy, the one that is most manly. In the eyes of other men, the one with the largest penis.

Luckily not all men are gay and obsessed with penises. Usually, scholarized left-wing intellectuals free themselves of the slavery of testosterone and penis size. You can recognize these men easily: they don't give a damn about the size of their penis. They don't try to drive at 350 kmh. They don't want the most beautiful girl around to show her off to other men. They don't love leadership. Very often they are Communist or Socialist.
Some societies are led by women. One of them is Sweden (where 66% of the Parliament is occupied by female politicians). Another is Holland (the Queen is a woman). These societies tend, in general, to be socialist. England being a notable exception. England is always an exception, but they don't really count. They are different. And I like them, the Brits I mean. The Scots, more, and the Irish a lot, but those islands are inhabited by cool people. Even when their female leader is a crazy liberist called Margaret Thatcher. Going to war with Argentina for some rocks in the Atlantic. Very manly: to show that the size of British penises is way beyond the comprehension of Argentinian people.

Being rational means to understand you are led by the size of your penis, you are obsessed by it, and you realize you hate being led by it.

I am so wary of letting testosterone lead my life that some friends of mine call me a lesbian. Because how can I be a man when I don't show a hint of natural manly behavior? Well, perhaps I am not a lesbian (sadly) but I think I can agree with those that call me androgynous.
It's because I don't act upon the biddings of testosterone. When men stop letting testosterone drive their actions, they become androgynous in the eyes of others.

So what's this London bombings about after all? Behind all the hatred, all the injustices, all the religious zeal and whatnot, there's just one thing. Some people really want to tell the Brits: "Look, our penises are larger than yours". Just what they tried to tell the Americans when they toppled the Twin Towers. Just what the Americans tried to answer when they toppled everything standing in Iraq.

If only you knew how I hate men and their dicks.

In my ideal world men are androgynous, women are strong and emancipated, and penises are inside panties. They are used to pee and to please women. And this ideal world cannot be achieved in my lifetime, because men have penises that don't want to stay inside panties.
Because they want to be the largest.

We live in a penis-led world where only a few islands of peace can be found, wherever men have been overruled by women.

Hail to the Penis, the great mastermind, the leader of all men.