Monday, June 27, 2005

Post Number Twenty-Nine: Bloody Hot

Of the Bloody Hot summer in Bloody Polluted Milan

It's summer. Officially so. If it were just a matter of season names, I wouldn't complain, but it's also a matter of heat. It's torrid, humid, hot and outrageously sunny. It's 32 degrees out there. For those of my readers that aren't familiar with Celsius degrees, 32°C equals to roughly 90F. Ok, 90 might seem a lot but not that much. After all, there are places where temperatures range in the 100's. Well, if you believe so, you should come to Milan in this season. It's not only 32°C or 90F as you prefer. It's also 90% humid. It's also still: no wind, no breeze, not a leaf moves. It's polluted. So polluted that the sky doesn't look blue but gray, with a hint of brown. Add that there is no sea, no lakes, no rivers. No water, in fact (agriculture is in crisis already). It's crowded with bloodthirsty mosquitoes (whose bites I am allergic to) that mistook my arms and any other visible part of my body for an airport. And, if you think that after all this is not so different from NYC in August, just add that we don't have air conditioning. The thermometer in my bedroom indicates a bloody 33 degrees in this moment. All I have is a fan, and it does little more than blow hot air against me. Luckily, I have air conditioning in the office. It pays to have a job sometimes. Not only in the literal sense, I mean.
Look: I hate the summer. I hate long, sunny, hot days when night comes too late and lasts too little, I hate to wear as little as decency allows me to and still feel so hot that I wish I could tear my skin off and let my bones refresh (because, as everyone around me knows very well, I am a skeleton covered by an extremely thin film of extremely white skin - other fanciful addenda like "muscles", "tendons" and such do not seem to belong to my genetic pool). On my right arm, a damn mosquito has left two different marks: one is approximately 7 centimeters wide (or 3 inches). The other instead is growing as a protuberance of scary size. This, because I am allergic to their bites. In fact, I hate mosquitoes hardcore. To hell with biodiversity! I once read a book written by a Nobel Prize that happens to be clearly insane, he was protesting a race of spiders insisting that eight legs and six eyes are too much of both. Well, I tell you, six legs, two eyes and a bloody sting to suck your blood off your veins is too much already. I would be extremely happy to squeeze the last mosquito and bring their useless species to extinction. Unluckily I was told there are hundreds of billion mosquitoes in the world and I tend to get tired very quickly during the summer. I would probably give up after killing the first two or three billion.
When I try to imagine the worst feelings of the world, they all begin with a sunny summer day. I am slightly photophobic. For those who never heard this word, it means that my eyes are slightly over-sensitive to light. Direct, intense sunlight makes my eyes burn and cause the explosion of capillars that make me look like a frenzied vampire. Not that I have anything against vampires. In fact, I love vampires. Vampires are gorgeous: only thing is that I am not one. I just look like one, which scares the wits off most the people I meet without giving me the pleasure of sucking them dry.
I am not particularly fat. In fact, my weight is appropriate for a girl my age and my height. That means, a normal girl, not one of those revolting anoxeric skeletons that surround me in this country. In fact, girls I am attracted to tend to be athletic, with nicely shaped biceps and shoulders, straight backs, fit legs and generally toned body: a-la Jennifer Lopez. Precisely the contrary of the generally appreciated type in this bloody hot country. I like self-sufficient, independent, intelligent, witty women with a taste for their good health and no need for a man at their side. I like them self-confident, courageous, strongly feminist and emancipated. I love them talking face to face to men as equals, proud of their selves, uninterested in gossiping about other girls and much less men. I like girls with guts.
Italians, instead, like Adriana Lima.
Adriana Lima makes me vomit. I hate her. I hate her stupid face. I hate her stupid TELECOM ads (I also hate TELECOM but that's another story). I hate how she looks like a sulky teen. I hate her poorly trained body, I hate the pictures they portray of her. I find her utterly annoying, disgusting, revolting, whenever I see her on TV (and it happens often) I feel the urge to zap to another channel. It's the same urge I feel when I see the face of the Pope. It's not just her. By the way, I don't know her. I only know her body and how ads portray her, and this is what makes me puke. Perhaps she's an intelligent girl (I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt an intelligent girl would sell her body like that, but then again, who knows?). I hate that girls plan their aspirations on the revolting model of Adriana Lima. Sometimes I wish the Telecom ads showed a more athletic woman (Jennifer Lopez?) meeting men in a bar and blasting their balls off with Kalashnikovs or Uzis. A bit gory but I would have a damn lot of fun watching it.
I will close this post because it leads me only to feel worse. Not only I am hot but now I am thinking to that horrendous creature Adriana. I'd better go watch Kill Bill. I need blood now.

Sayonara, amigos.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Post Number Twenty-Eight: The Day of Infamy

Of the disgrace that fell upon Italy and of the petty powers that rejoice for it.

American citizens and a significant number of human beings worldwide alike, remember with a mix of sadness, disconcert, fear and downright pain, the day when President Roosevelt, in front of the Congress reunited, declared the 7th of January, 1941 the "Day of Infamy".
In those days, the word Infamy was designated to indicate treacherous attacks from foreign forces. Nowadays, Infamy acquires a new meaning, one that goes far beyond the effects of a World War, one that puts at the stakes the very future of the women who have, or will have, the disgrace of being born in the speck of land called "Italian Republic". A small boot-shaped country that extends across the Mediterranean and that, geographically speaking, belongs to the European continent, although its culture shares little to nothing of the enlightment of its European cousins, vehemently suggesting that this small nation, usually known as "Italy", has become a stranger in its own continent; Italy, like a shipwreck, has sunk deep into a black hole of folly, obscurantism and mysoginy, fueled by the hatred embodied by an organized society of gangsters.
These gangsters, these criminals, these mysoginists, have names and surnames, and shall be revealed further on in this mail. But since first things must still come first, even in the barbarian, uncivilized lands of Italy, I will report the facts now, so that readers will know what I am talking about.

It is very hard to choose a starting point. The disgrace I am addressing now is the result of years of criminal subtleties and cruelties, performed by a number of agents that belong to several gangs (some of them disguised as political parties). A significant few of the actors of this bad drama are now (with my greatest relief) dead, but others have taken their place, carrying on the same misdeeds, all intended to one purpose only: negate the Italian people its right to be civilized, its right to be European.
I could very well begin from the year 1974, when I was born. In those days, Italy was a civilized nation, and the gangsters did not disguise themselves but acted as their name suggests: openly shooting and bombing public places to kill as many innocents as possible. These gangsters were usually right-wing agents acting upon the biddings of the right-wing government to scare the people and induce them to abandon every hope of changing the nation's histerical laws. Nonetheless, a law was proposed to legalize divorce (which wasn't legal in the country before) and, when asked to vote, to express their opinion about this law, millions and millions of Italians rushed to the booths to vote for legalized divorce. Then, in 1980, the same millions and millions of my fellow citizens, in the name of civilization and the rights of women, struck another blow against the millenary obscurantism of the nation voting for the legalization of abortion.
Those were the days, when one could be proud of being Italian. Being Italian meant to have the guts to challenge the establishment, to fight for women, to protect the rights of women against the criminal assaults of the most evil, diabolic gang ever created by human beings: the perverted Catholic church. Nowhere in the world there exists a more obscurantist, a more fanatic, a more narrow-sighted and narrow-minded gang of self-appointed religious clerics, than the diabolic Catholic church. Not even the most perverted, drugged, insane televangelists of some remote location of the fly-over zone of the USA can hope to be vaguely dangerous as the Catholic church. They are evil incarnated, an organization bent to one purpose only: to crush humanity under the weight of their diabolic credo, inspired by hatred and a determination to abolish free will.
Hatred is the key to understand the Catholic church, its fiendish agents and demons, for their insane, unspeakable, neverending hatred against women, which they deem responsible for all the sins of the world, mounted to unbearable levels when Italian women voted to legalize abortion. They swore to make them pay, and being a millenary institution, they had no fear to wait for the right moment to strike back. Like a vile viper lurking under the shadows of a hidden crack, the Catholic gangsters led by their boss, the Torquemada-esque Cardinal Camillo Ruini, waited for the right moment to exact their revenge against women, and the right moment came at last.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Italy forwent its previous democracy in exchange for dictatorship. The self appointed dictator of Italy, the bald dwarf known as Silvio Berlusconi, organized a peculiar sort of coup-d'etat based not on military occupation but on brainwashing through the immense power granted him by his the owner of each and every mass media of the country. After enslaving the population to banality and stupidity, after taking control of all the broadcasting companies, the banks, the magazines, the insurance companies, and so on... and after unprecedented attacks against the few judges that didn't swear obedience to his whims, Berlusconi took the power, taking with him his coalition formed by the following parties:
1. The Fascist Party (yes, Mussolini), disguised by its new denomination "National Alliance"
2. The Northern League, a Nazi-friendly party which started off as a secessionist group, further degenerating in mere racism and anti-European propaganda
3. The Christian Democratic Union, a group of Catholic ayatollahs that originate from a fanatist Papist group called "Communion and Liberation", whose only purpose is to impose the law of the Bible to Italy
In order to remain undisputed dictator of the country, the bald dwarf Berlusconi needed to comply to the various requests of its greedy allies, creating laws that would please each of them. So, Berlusconi abandoned Europe and married the anti-European propaganda of the Northern League, promoting its barbarian drift (among other things, Northern League members hallucinate about their being Celts, sometimes even Vikings, though they don't seem to know the difference). Berlusconi sold our ministry of foreign affairs to the Fascist Party secretary, in exchange for another ministry sold to the Northern League (although technically allied, the Fascist Party is critically opposed to the Northern League, mainly because the Fascists uphold the superiority of the Aryan Italian Race, while Northern League fanatists claim their belonging to the Master Aryan Celt Race, which they deem superior to the African Italian Race).
But the greatest disgrace for the country was the selling of our laws to the demons of Christian Democracy. The criminals were controlled by the ever-present Ayatollah Camillo Ruini, the contorted, twisted-minded, corrupted, diabolic REAL ruler of the Catholic Church: the man whose obscure designs and manuevers led to the election of Adolf Hitler Ratzinger as Pope Benedict. The viper knew it was its time to bite, and it bit, spitting its venom into the veins of the once civilized Italy. To please their leader, the Christian party members promoted and forced to sign an infamous law, known as "Law 40".

Law 40, which deals with artificial insemination, simply put, is the revenge against women that the evil Cardinal Ayatollah Ruini was awaiting. He savored this moment for years, and at last he had what he wanted on a silver plate.
The details of this insane, Torquemada-esque law, are here detailed in brief:

1. Artificial insemination cannot be practiced upon any living being excluding sterile married couples
2. Artificial insemination must not be chosen by a doctor, regardless of his professional opinion about it, if he hasn't tried already any other therapy, again regardless of its possible cons in the specific case
3. The doctor that finally chooses, upon proving all other therapies uneffective, the artificial insemination, cannot create more than three embryos with this technique
4. The three embryos must be ALL injected in the uterus of the mother. This is not kidding. ALL THREE EMBRYOS must be injected AT THE SAME TIME in the uterus of the mother. This, because:
5. It is forbidden to freeze embryos created via artificial insemination
6. The mother cannot revoke her consensus to have the embryos injected in her uterus in any case. Once the therapy is chosen, a woman must complete its cycle
7. The mother does not have the right to know whether one or more of the embryos carry genetical disease. In any case, genetically diseased or altered embryos MUST NOT BE DISCARDED, but NONETHELESS IMPLANTED in the uterus of the mother.
8. Research on embryos, aimed to find treatments for incurable diseases such Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and such, is forbidden. Creation of embryos for this purpose is as well forbidden.
9. Embryos are granted the state of citizen of the country, therefore sharing the same rights of the mother from the very moment they egg is fertilized
10. The artificial insemination can only be performed using sperm cells and eggs of the married couple. Sperm cell and/or egg donation is expressely forbidden.

Any human being who doesn't live in the Middle Ages will see by himself (I prefer to say, by herself), that this is not a law: this is a revenge against women. This is an outrage, a diabolic plan to deprive women of the status of human being. Three embryos implanted at the same time? No chance to discard genetically altered embryos? An obligation to carry on the pregnancy of a diseased embryo without even knowing it? How can this be a law? How can this law be signed and included in the agenda of a European country? How can Italy still call itself part of Europe? The Northern League promises riots to oppose the inclusion of Turkey in the European Union. I wonder why Turkey doesn't oppose the inclusion of Italy in a civilized union that includes their millenary civilization. This law 40 is not a law, it's an act of pure hatred: the hatred of the evil mastermind that conceived it, that is the vile viper Ruini, who then passed it on to its political agents in the Parliament to promote it and bestow it upon women.

The democratic forces of this country, which still exist, in a disorderly aggregated coalition, promoted a referendum to abolish this law. It was the occasion for democracy to strike back at the infamy. Those who wanted to keep the law as such would simply have to vote "NO". Those who wanted to change this law, must vote "YES". That easy

But Cardinal Ruini knew he had another bullet in his gun. For a referendum to be valid, at least 50% + 1 of the population must vote. In a now infamous public speech, aired by all the television companies of the bald dwarf, the dictator Berlusconi, Camillo Ruini did not invite his fanatic followers to vote "NO" in the referendum. He invited them to NOT VOTE.
He chose to exploit a technicality to bring the referendum to a failure.
A representative of the Vatican state told Italian citizens what to do of their law.

Tell me, my foreign and luckier friends, what would happen if Canadians told American what the have to vote for? What if the Vietnamese told Singaporese which laws they must pass? What if Namibia told South Africans which president they must elect? What if any leader of any foreign state would tell YOU what to do?
But Italy is no normal country. Italian politicians of the dictator's coalition greeted with joy the intrusion of the Cardinal Ruini in our national affairs. The highest personalities of the State, the Catholic fanatist President of the Chamber of Deputees joined Ruini telling my people that he, the second most important institution of the nation, was not going to vote. Berlusconi the dictator of course, didn't vote.
To no avail the leaders of democratic parties cried at the intrusion of a foreigner agent in our politics. They were accused and chastized, publicly, on Berlusconi's many TVs.
Cardinal Ruini knew how to play his cards. He created a committee called "Science a Life", truly a gang of fanatic Catholics that received enormous amounts of money from the bottomless chests of the Vatican's treasury to promote the NOT-VOTE policy.
Some of the sexiest women of the country, a number of renowned Nobels, personalities of the agonizing culture of this nation, all united to save the Referendum. They implored my fellow citizens to vote, to let women keep their rights they gained at the cost of much sufference. To let research further its effort to ease mankind from some of its direst genetical diseases.
At the same time, the diabolic Ruini used his puppet Adolf Hitler Ratzinger, to promote his own view. DON'T VOTE, he kept suggesting, whispering in every ear, poisoning the mind of millions.

What about the outcome of the Referendum?

Italians voted to erase this foolish Law 40 on the 12th and 13th of June (a date chosen by the government with a reason: Schools are already closed and most Italians are on holidays already, so they wouldn't come back home to vote).
Of the millions asked to vote for the rights of women, to protect the future of their wives, their girlfriends, and their daughters, only 20% obeyed and did their duty.

80% of the shameful mass of idiots that share this land with me, complied to the biddings of the Cardinal Ruini.

The law is now approved. Approved by the non-vote of the Italian people. Today, we are watching the day of infamy. The day when Italy forwent its civilization.
We look back to the Middle Ages, to the Inquisition, to the Catholic obscurantism, and we know it's now a lot closer to us. I am only glad for my sister, who will soon move to Sweden, and who uttered the following, sad statement:
"I wouldn't let my children be born in Italy. I don't want my children raised in this land. I am ashamed of Italy".

Those of us that know what future awaits women, which destiny Ruini has designed for them, can't but be ashamed of Italy. Shame on Italy. Shame on its people.

Shame on all of us.