Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Post Number Thirty-One: Sarong Party Frenzy

Of a Singaporean female

Let's be frank. I can't keep out of other countries' business. It's probably because Italy is such a devastating mess, such a disappointment, that I prefer to look elsewhere. Or maybe because I have friends across the planet worldwide, I don't see them as foreigners but just as people, and what happens in their lands somehow has to affect me too. Or maybe because I am curious and need to know things others don't mind about. Or all these things together.

It's not really important. While reading my friend Viv's blog, I encountered her musings on a certain "Sarong Party Girl" I had never heard about. I didn't really care too much about it at the beginning, but then I realized this Sarong Party person was a big thing in Singapore, so I just had to know what the fuss was all about.

Apparently, "Sarong Party Girl" is a Singapore-born young girl (presumably in her late teens), who likes to talk about sexual topics and post pictures of her naked body on her blog.
I paid a visit to this blog to read what she was talking about. I didn't look at the pictures, whether you believe it or not. I have seen many naked girls already, in pictures and in reality, and no, however young and exotic (for a European), peeking at another one is not going to excite me enough for me to bother. I was much more interested in knowing what she was talking about. As it seems to me after reading few paragraphs at random, this girl is definitely emancipated, and this is probably why there's so much fuss about her.

Ok, from my own point of view, girls are free to do as they like with their body. If they wish to post naked pictures of themselves they are most welcome to do so. Not that I care to watch them, but if it makes them feel better, I am not going to stop them. Anyway, I am pretty sure that the fuss is more about the topics she talks about than the pictures. And the way she discusses about sexual matters made me think she's quite intelligent, actually mature.
It also made me understand, incidentally, that Singapore is very much like Italy: proud and quick to condemn girls as soon as they are emancipated.
Really sad. I find it even easier now, to understand why Vivien (my friend in South East Asia) feels the need to come to Europe every now and then. I would feel castrated in a society that finds so much interest in insulting an emancipated girl for her courage to speek tongue-in-cheek.
Probably, Singapore is, like Italy, sexually frustrated. The whole country, I mean. Italians are very sexually frustrated. They are so frustrated that most Italian men are actually gay and they don't even realize it. You understand a man is a frustrated gay when he is particularly intolerant against gays and likes anorexic girls with undefined curves. Italian girls tend to the "Velina" model. It is impossible to explain to foreigners what a Velina is. It must suffice to say that a "Velina" is a young, smiling, very slim girl whose only desire is to dance and pride herself of her own lack of culture (=brain). Girls like this represent the typical model of the typical Italian girl (that is not to say all Italian girls are like that, of course, but a great number wishes to become like that). Girls like this also represent the frustration of the feminine gender. I find them revolting.
Guys who like girls like that are brainless zombies divided in two categories:
- gay zombie
- etherosexual zombie
The first of course includes all those Italians who are gay but do not accept this fact. Declared gays are not included.
The second group includes what little remains.
Zombies of both categories lurk in Italian cities with only one thing in mind: sex and related topics. They are produced in great numbers in countries where the majority of girls are irrationally ashamed of sex, their naked body, and such. Italy is such a country.
I am beginning to believe Singapore is another such country.
Sweden is not such a country. In Sweden, nakedness, sex, sexual topics and such are usually considered normal. They are part of the normal essence of their society. In saunas, men and women enjoy the heat together completely naked. It is my intention to show Vivien when she comes to Malmoe, that most people go to swim naked, in perfectly public areas with no way to conceal themselves. Because, in fact, they never thought of a reason to conceal themselves. What's wrong with naked bodies?
In Sweden, no one would notice Sarong Party Girl. All girls talk about sex. Ok, it is TRUE that Sarong Party Girl talks about sex with wit and maturity. She's smart, no doubt. Most people in the world are not smart, regardless of where they are born.
In Italy, Sarong Party Girl can't really exist. But then again, it couldn't exist in Singapore as well so I presume that somehow, some day, we will have an Italian Sarong Party Girl and I will welcome her with joy. Unlikely to happen soon because Italian girls are not simply sexually chastized by the state but, more fiercely, by their obscene, medieval, repulsive religion, the evil, diabolic Catholicism.
At least Singapore is not Catholic.
Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, here's the thing.
I see no reason to talk that much about Sarong Party Girl. She's just a normal girl talking about things that every normal girl should talk about. Sex, politics, drugs, emancipation, the length of dicks and whatnot, what's the problem? They are topics. There are no forbidden topics. Nothing disconcerting, nothing to be ashamed of. I often think about the concept of shame, and I have come to believe it's idiotic. Really.
Most people would be disappointed to see, say, two naked lesbians indulging in sado-masochist practices in a public place.
Well, have you ever really wondered, rationally, WHY so?
Is there any RATIONALE behind shame? I can't find any. We have been told certain things are not to be done in public. Well, why? In which way are they going to physically affect me?
In the happiest country of the world (the Netherlands), prostitution is legal. Nobody screams and shouts at infamy because their oh-so-pure infants saw a naked prostitute behind a shop window. What's so infamous with a naked woman? Don't those oh-so-pure infants see the breasts of their own mother every time they need to feed?
What's this fuss about sex? In most societies (unaffected by the ever-diabolic evil of the Christian Church) sex is made in public, discussed in public, publicly performed in rites.
During the celebrations dedicated to the goddess of Spring, in ancient Rome, dozens of girls had sex in the streets of the capital to lose their virginity on the day dedicated to the deity. Why are we so stupidly, inanely ashamed and irritated by sex?
Why are we drooling like imbecile dogs just because a Singaporean girl has published naked pictures of herself? Are we (men) ever going to wake up from this general stupidity.
I actually applaud the courage of Sarong Party Girl. She challenged the customs of her own society, which is never easily done and often a reason to be chastized by people that think they know everything about right and wrong.
I just wish a girl could post naked pictures of herself in peace. And talk about whatever amount of sex and related topics she feels like talking about.
Personally, I have nothing else to say about this, so I won't mention Sarong Party Girl(s) again in the future.

Enjoy and live your life, people. And reconsider shame.