Sunday, March 27, 2005

Post Number Twenty: The Republican Mother

Of Abortion and Embryos

This post will be told in the form of a short story. Short stories are an instrument used by Jesus Christ among others to convey complex messages to the masses. Christ's stories were called parables. Mine is not a parable, it's just a short story.

There once was a Republican woman who was converted to Roman Catholicism. She had a 5 year old son and she had been instructed by her Church that she was supposed to love him and raise him as a Catholic. She and her husband, an Italian Catholic who belonged to a sect called "Communion and Liberation" once decided to have a second honeymoon. They went on a cruise in the Caribbean Sea.
The will of God is often unpredictable. The ship wrecked on shallow waters and it started sinking. Safeboats were crowded. Obedient to the teachings of the Catholic Church, the woman let her husband go first, because a woman must be ready to sacrifice and a husband is the owner of his wife, just like Jesus is the owner of the Church. There remained room for only one person on the boat.
The Republican woman saw her son crying. He was still on board. Of course she had to save the child! She hugged her son, lifted him, and was ready to let him go to safety when she realized with horror that something else was still on board. There was a tank containing embryos!
The Republican woman immediately recalled that the Pope and the leaders of the sect "Communion and Liberation" said that embryos are humans. There could be a thousand humans in the tank. The woman knew what to do. She put her son back on board and ran to save the tank of embryos.
The woman and her son died in the wreckage. The tank of embryos made it to safety ashore. It was still lucid and in perfect conditions when the Catholic husband hugged it and called it "God's children".

There isn't much need to add more, but I will anyway.
Catholics keep ranting about embryos being humans. Would they save embryos instead of a human being?
News for Catholics: Embryos are embryos, humans are humans, and embryos are not humans. And if I were on board of a sinking ship, sure as Catholic hell I would kick the damn embryos off board and save a child.
Perhaps Republicans and Catholics see it differently.

Moral of this story: Abortion is not murder. It is women's right. But it's hard to explain to people who don't deem women equal to men. As usual I don't really care what they believe, but sure as hell I am the staunchiest supporter of the right to Abortion (and the right to research on embryos: because healing the living is more important than preserving the never - ever - born).
Oh, and we are going to vote a law on artificial fecundation made by the sect of Communion and Liberation in this country. No point to explain the details of their law. If we were in the Middle Ages, probably the Inquisition would find it too conservative. It will be an immense pleasure to vote against it. I am looking forward to it.