Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Post Number Seven: Fixations

Of hobbies and fixations

Most people have hobbies. They cultivate such hobbies in their spare time and relax from the stressful course of their lives.
I don't have hobbies, I have fixations. I cultivate my fixations continuosly and keep mumbling over them without restraint or shame. Here is a list of my most preminent fixations:

1. The Lord Of The Rings (and other Middle Earth things)
2. Movies (including the above mentioned)
3. Classical Music
4. Astronomy, Science and Carl Sagan
5. Books
6. Fantasy & Science Fiction
7. Beautiful Women

These are my principal seven fixations. I like to refer to them as my "Seven Sins", although I don't perceive them as Sins if not in the sense that everything the Christian church considers a Sin is terribly pleasant and attractive. I have other fixations of course, and many interests that are not fixations, but these seven are the most important.
One quick note on fixation nr seven that (I bet) you have noticed first. No, I am not fixated with sex. I personally think that sex is annoying. I am fixated with women, and their beauty, and how I perceive it, and what I consider beautiful. Most girls I like are not considered beautiful by others and I don't give a damn about it. My fixation with women is also connected with (and probably descended from) my profound dislike for men. I find men dull and repetitive, devastatingly ugly to sight and annoyingly boring. I perceive women as witty, smart, astute, independent, charming and beautiful. There shouldn't be any men in the world, we suck. It should be a women world. Or else, a world ruled by women where men are allowed to thrive as long as thy don't bother them too much. Anyway, enough about women.

If I have seven fixations, how come that in my posts only a couple have been mentioned?

Explanation: because I haven't had enough time to explore even the first fixations of mine. Give me time and you'll see that each fixation will have its deserved room. And now, I intend to go back to one of my fixations.

Later, pals.