Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Post Number Fifty-Two: Christmas?

Of the Season

It is generally assumed that everyone must be good on Christmas. Why on Christmas and not on the other days of the year I wonder... But what does Christmas mean nowadays?
This holiday is celebrated worldwide by many different cultures, most of which have nothing to share (luckily for them) with the Catholic religion. So technically speaking what Christmas really *is*, is a consumist frenzy centered on doubling the profits of producers and sellers. That's why it's celebrated by virtually everyone.
What is Christmas for me?
Christmas is what remains of the ancient Roman celebrations of the Saturnalia, a week-long holiday dedicated to Saturnus, God of the Sky. The Christians, looking for a day to celebrate the birth of their Jesus (and ignoring when he was born), borrowed the Saturnalia from the Romans and reverted it into Christmas. It was already customary before the coming of Christianity, to exchange gifts during the week of Saturnalia. I am willing to celebrate Christmas for this reason: because it is an ancient Roman celebration. It bridges the gap between the uncivilized world of today's Italy, and its greatest moment of history (Rome). So, as far as I am concerned, I am still celebrating the Saturnalia, and to hell with Christmas.

My two cents on the topic. Happy holidays, dear readers.